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Best Whatsapp call Recorder app latest version in 2023

WhatsApp is among the most popular and widely downloaded messaging and voice and video calling applications. It’s also becoming an all-in-one solution for all needs related to messaging such as group chats, file sharing as well as video calls. This article will show you ways you can record WhatsApp calls using either an Android as well as an iOS gadget in the most efficient way that is possible.

How can I record WhatsApp calls?

As an safe instant message service, WhatsApp does not offer users an option to call recording feature. But, WhatsApp call recording is performed in various methods. The most straightforward method is to use the phone’s built-in recording applications. There are other third-party applications which support call recording. Additionally, it is possible to utilize different devices in order for recording calls. record WhatsApp calls.

While these fundamental techniques are appropriate for both individuals as well as smaller companies, they concerns with storage and security issues. For businesses that need to record WhatsApp calls to ensure compliance of communications compliance the most secure and secure method is to use the WhatsApp Archiver which allows them to observe, capture and store WhatsApp calls and keep them safe in a secure storage, which facilitates rapid data retrieval and searching.

Utilizing integrated voice recording applications for phones:

A lot of smartphones have built-in voice recording features that users are able to turn on through their phone settings. For instance, the most recent iPhone models include the “Screen recording feature which allows you to record the screen to record any action that a user performs when it’s turned on. This article will show you how to activate this feature on iPhones.

  • Visit the Settings page.
  • Click on the Control Center and look up the menu of Additional Controls
  • Choose to select the screen recording choice by pressing the plus icon to the right of it.
  • The setting is now enabled If you swipe left to the right of the screen before making a WhatsApp call for it to record it.

The majority of Android phones also have an call recording feature. For example for instance, the Samsung Galaxy smartphone has the ability to record calls that permit customers to record the calls without having to manually turn the recording feature each when an WhatsApp call happens. Some phones also permit the users to record only certain calls as well as calls made by unknown phone numbers.

The downside to this approach is the fact that it’s an manual recording procedure. It is not recommended for companies to rely on these basic call recording alternatives when they have a large workforce that has to be in compliance with the regulations for record keeping.

How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls on Android:

You can also record your phone’s screen in the WhatsApp video call using any of the Android smartphone screen recorder applications that are utilized to record the activities happening on screen in your smartphone. This allows you to make use of any one of them to use as an WhatsApp video call recorder application.

Rec. Screen Recorder is one of the applications. This handy screen recording app offers a variety of versatile and convenient screen recording features for users. If you’re Android phone runs Android 6.0 or 10 then you must be rooting your Android phone to enable the app work correctly.

How to record WhatsApp calls on an iPhone:

Apple introduced an inbuilt screen recorder feature in iOS 11. This feature can be very beneficial. You can effortlessly record WhatsApp video calls using your iPhone by using this feature. This also means that recording WhatsApp video calls using an iPhone does not require any additional third-party applications. How to utilize the feature can be described as follows:

Step 1. Launch the Control Center by going to Settings. After that, add the Screen Recording option in the list of controls that are active by clicking “Customize Controls” on the menu.

Step 2. To start recording start recording, go to your Control Center on your iPhone and then select”Screen recording option.

Step 3. Call the person you would like to record the call by using the WhatsApp application.

Step 4. Verify that the microphone is switched on and that it is on and the call volume is high enough for it to record to record the voice.

Step 5. Stop the recording after the call is finished and save the file on your device.


If you’re looking to record WhatsApp calls on an Android phone, you can utilize the above WhatsApp call recorder applications like Real Call Recorder, Call Recorder for WhatsApp as well as Messenger Call Recorder as well as others for you to record video calls as well as audio calls on WhatsApp. Check out our suggestions and take a step forward with the latest technology for WhatsApp.

If you have another WhatsApp call recording applications that aren’t listed in this post, you can let us know by commenting below.


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