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French Fries (Try It Like This)

Ingredients for French Fries (Try This Way) Recipe

  • According to the number of people, I used 8-9 potatoes.
  • Half a teaspoon of oil
  • Salt

For the sauce;

  • 3-4 soft juicy tomatoes
  • Salt
  • One tablespoon of oil
  • Red powdered pepper
  • If you like hot chili pepper, black pepper
  • Garlic yoghurt optional

How to Make French Fries (Try It Like This) Recipe?

You may be surprised when you say french fries, you said that there is no one who doesn’t know about it, you may even be prepared to make a negative comment :))) but you are wrong, this way we have both delicious and healthy french fries. I can’t get enough of the food, it’s an easy recipe, try it once.

  1. Slice the potatoes, I chose some big apple slices, however you prefer. But not too thin.
  2. Put half a tea glass or even less oil in the diced potatoes.
  3. Sprinkle with salt and blend (stir) and place on a baking sheet to bake.
  4. While the potatoes are browning in the oven, prepare the sauce. Take the peeled and chopped tomatoes in a pan.
  5. Add salt, red powdered pepper and some oil and fry.
  6. Stir the tomatoes by smashing them with a fork, let them release their juice. You can even add a small amount of water.
  7. Add the sauce to your baked potatoes and serve. Drizzle over the garlic yoghurt. It suits very well, it becomes a taste beyond taste.

Bon appetit (I put peppers in the oven with the potatoes, it’s up to your preference. You can do the same with pepper, eggplant, zucchini)

French Fries (Try Like This) Recipe With Photo

French Fries (try this too)
French Fries (try this too)
French Fries (try this too)

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