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Tech is the abbreviation used to describe technological or technical that is used to refer to an organization, system or work area, etc. that does or makes something involving technology: tech industry/sector/economy.


TechMag has gained a special importance in Pakistan in comparison with other technology blog websites. TechMag’s website offers the data of readers as well as information about the progress that is taking place in Pakistan in the area of information technology.

Readers will be able to know what it takes to understand how Pakistan has risen to the an elite position over time and what the present status that is currently being portrayed by Pakistan in the realm of technology. Additionally, readers can also learn about smartphones, their costs and uses. You can say, TechMag is a guide that gives you information on various types and types of technology equipment and use. In addition TechMag’s website provides a lot of information about the latest advancements in technology and science. technology.

Technology Times

To ease the lives of readers, Technology Times is one of the best blog websites that post information on both English as well as Urdu languages. This is the sole website located in Pakistan that gives readers immediate information on what’s happening within this technology region. This is why it is now a well-known and sought-after tech news website.

In addition, not just the news in Pakistan technology times also keeps you informed of technological advancements across the globe, i.e., in China, Africa, and the USA. But, readers can also read information about environmental issues, energy, gaming, food security health, lifestyle and politics, as well as nature and even education. To provide opportunities to deserving students The website provides scholarship opportunities along with the required requirements.


One of the most reputable tech sites, Pakwired, established by Hasan Saleem, has now established itself as a prominent platform that allows users to connect with the world of technology and technology. After studying the information published on the website readers can readers can start their own business and remotely earn a living.

The information structure focuses about ‘how to format’ that will allow readers to gain knowledge about the new technology platforms. Pakwired can also the ideal choice for entrepreneurs to understand how to manage their companies and teams. A variety of information is on the website on the well-known figures.

Fast Company

Fast Company focuses on breakthroughs in technology leadership, leadership and the world’s most innovative design, focusing on the impact they have on businesses. It was launched in November 1995. Fast Company is still a top business site and subscribers to the publication gives you an everyday dose of the most important news.


  • Founder: Pete Rojas
  • Year Started: 2004
  • Domain Authority:90

Engadget has grown from a modest news company to become a top worldwide technology blog featuring millions of readers!

Visitors visit the blog to read the most recent reviews and news on gaming, entertainment and tech and are left happy and well-informed. The tech blog is also be utilized to explore old archives and archive of most popular old tech publications.

Engadget provides information related to the most recent gadgets and hardware including video games, along with NASA tech.

The website offers reliable and in-depth information of the latest software updates, so you’ll be aware of the latest and greatest products on the market. With an additional video section that walks you through the features and the way it looks, Engadget is a great blog for tech enthusiasts!


  • Founder: Rob Malda, Jeff Bates
  • Year Started: 1997
  • Domain Authority:90

Slashdot is a classic with an early 2000s look by incorporating upvote functions and its summary of resources.

Its technology blog is awash in open source security, gadget reviews, security products, management of products, apps and similar trends.

It was originally marketed as “News For Nerds. Things that matter”. Slashdot also offers news articles about technology as well as science and even politics. The traditional tech-y look without the ad-hoc snarkiness of other magazines is the reason why Slashdot an essential blog.


Recode is an online technology news website which is focused on revealing the ways in which our world is evolving. Recode began operations in January of 2014, and provides an array of information from journalists who are independent. The site also offers newsletters, podcasts and event sections which you can explore.

Having Your Finger on the Pulse!

Since tech changes dramatically each quarter, it is difficult to find information.

Thus, taking a quick glance and reading a well-read tech blog with the appropriate quality of content could help you save a lot of effort to keep yourself up-to-date!

In addition, with an increasing number of tech blogs emerging into the scene each day These 10 technology blogs mentioned above represent the best of the contemporary tech world. They are well worth a read to discover and stay up to date about the most current methods and trends to stay on top.


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