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How to track Whatsapp messages and call free

WhatsApp is an instant messaging service that is owned by Meta. With WhatsApp you can chat with your contacts via chats as well as calls as well as group calls.

The use of WhatsApp is completely free and you’ll need access to the internet in order to use WhatsApp after you have registered with the phone number.

WhatsApp Call Tracking Is it feasible?

The ability to track WhatsApp calls is not possible, because the calls are encrypted from beginning to end it is impossible to spy at live calls. There are however some workarounds which allow you to look up for the call history of your targeted person.

WhatsApp offers a dedicated calls section that provides you with your call history. Its call history in WhatsApp displays every inbound or outgoing WhatsApp call from your number.

How To Hack WhatsApp Messages?

Once you understand the reason why tracking and monitoring the smartphone’s performance so crucial we can look at the best way to do it.

To track whatsapp chat remotely on an Android phone, you’ll require the WhatsApp spy software known as mSpy. It’s among the top spy apps and monitoring programs for all devices. It is available on their official website.

Do you require a call recording?

Call recording isn’t available on Whatsapp. To record calls make use of our call recording feature to record SIM calls or incorporate our telephony service.

Can You Track WhatsApp Calls?

Yes yes, but no. We must first understand that WhatsApp utilizes encryption that is end-to-end to ensure the security and privacy for its customers. Therefore, everything that is sent on WhatsApp like calls or messages, are encrypted prior to transmission and then encrypted at the receiver’s end.

Even when you do intercept the contents of a WhatsApp message however, you cannot decode it to listen to what’s being said, or to read the messages that are shared.

The contents that are recorded during the call are secured and aren’t stored on WhatsApp servers However, the call history will be stored in the user’s phone until they erase the history. The best method for being able to track WhatsApp calls will be if you access WhatsApp’s call history. WhatsApp call history and the evidence that shows caller’s name, number as well as call duration.

Retrieve iCloud or iTunes Backup

If your target user is iOS and you have the credentials for their iCloud account. You are able to access the iCloud account and look the WhatsApp backup. If they frequently backup their WhatsApp account, you’ll find the most recent backup that contains the WhatsApp call history.

It is possible to make a manual restore of the backup to your phone or you can use an external iCloud or iTunes recovery tool. After restoration, you can check your WhatsApp information and locate your WhatsApp call history.


WhatsApp is a complete encryption system which means that your conversations and calls cannot be intercepted by anyone. If you wish to track WhatsApp calls you are able to track your WhatsApp call history.

To accomplish this, access the target person’s phone secretly or restore their iTunes/iCloud backup or install an spy application to their phone.


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