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Liberty Tech is a charter school located in Fayette County that provides students across Georgia. Georgia.

Who is the CEO of Liberty Technology?
Ben M Johnson
Ben M Johnson is the CEO and Founder of Liberty Technology Services.
What exactly is Liberty employed to serve?
As defined in The Constitution, liberty means freedom from unreasonable and arbitrary restriction on an individual. The term “liberty from restraint” refers to more than physical restraint as well as the freedom of acting in accordance with one’s personal preferences.
  • Types of Liberty:

    1. The term “natural” liberty means natural freedom for an individual, without any restrictions. It is defended on the reason that:
      Because man is created free from the start, he has the right free to enjoy freedoms to the extent he wants. Any form of restrictions interfere with the freedom. Man is believed to have is granted liberty from nature.

      However, in the modern age, Natural liberty cannot be accepted or can not be embraced in the society or even by the society itself. We can also say that there is no true freedom in the natural state. The freedom without any restrictions can lead to anarchy, which means to claim that natural liberty can result in the dominance of muscles power.

      Thus, to ensure the smooth functioning of the society and to ensure that people are able to enjoy the benefits of liberty there must be limitations based on the law and the true and just liberty be attainable.

    2. liberty [2The Civil liberty[2 one that is followed in the society and every individual enjoy it. It has some restrictions that are based on rules and laws, and the people are able to enjoy it only within the conditions of those restrictions. Civil liberty isn’t unrestricted. It is enforced by the government and is in complete opposition to natural liberty.
Who is the person who founded Liberty Group?
Sir Donald Gordon
Liberty was established in the year 1957, by Sir Donald Gordon who watched his father put in a lot of effort throughout his life and receive only a small income for his hard work. The struggle he faced sparked in him the conviction that everyone people should be able to build fortune and create a cherished legacy to their families.
What is the religion of liberty?
One of the questions that students are asking are “What is Liberty University’s denominational affiliation?” Liberty is not associated with any particular religion. We are an evangelical university which recognizes the similarities between all believers in Christ.

Liberty can be understood in two distinct ways.

  1. Negative liberty:

    Liberty in a negative sense means lack of restrictions. People acted in a manner that they were granted the right to do it. A negative view of liberty is not appreciated by the society because only the mighty person can enjoy it. A lot of people are denied the chance due to the social conditions.

  2. Positive liberty

    The word “positive” means that liberty means freedom that is accompanied by certain restrictions that are essential to protect the society. They are required to ensure that all people, regardless of creed, caste or gender, or any other societal characteristics that hinder a normal person can enjoy the benefits of liberty. A positive liberty is a popular choice for the society and every person is deprived of the right to enjoy the freedom.

What is the best conclusion to technology?
Technology has become an integral component of society. Without technological advancements, much of our life would be very different. As technology advances, it tries to meet the ever-changing requirements of society.

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